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Safer Products For Your Body And Our Planet.

ALL Eco Pads in

 Packs of 3

starting at

just $32.95

"I have been using the Eco Pads for about a year now, but only during the day. I was really nervous about using Reusable Overnight Pads. Eventually I got so tired of still having the monthly cost of period products, so I tried the Eco Pads Overnights. I'm actually super impressed! They were pretty and very soft. I like them way better than the disposables. There's no folding sticky wings that get crunched up. They fit very snugly. I'm so glad I made the switch- so worth it!" Anna B, 28 April 2021 Perth WA

Eco pads

Women tell us they love the fact that

ecowomen's reusable washable pads and 

tampons are made from 

100% organic cotton guaranteed by

Oeko-Tex to be free from harmful chemicals.

In addition our menstrual pads carry a massive 10 year warranty.

You only need a few packs of Ecowomen's eco pads

(depending how often you launder)

to replace the astonishing amount of 

2,400-3,200 disposable pads/tampons in 10 years.

Perhaps get a few ecopads and a MonthlyCup and you are set for an ecoperiod!

By switching out your disposable sanitary pads and tampons with sustainable period care by ecowomen, you no longer waste money, overuse plastics, chemicals and perfumes. 

Much better for your body, wallet and the planet.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups

Get your first MonthlyCup today, it will last you 5 years.

MonthlyCup is a superior menstrual cup  which

replaces 1,200-1,600 disposable pads & tampons.

MonthlyCup does not disrupt your ph balance, does not release toxins into your body, or toxins at manufacturing and combustion.

Many women say they need a bit of practice in

how to first use a menstrual cup, but don't worry,

with a little practice you will find MonthlyCup

super easy, comfortable and convenient in no time.

It holds more fluid than other protection 

enabling you to be free to do more.

Make  your difference, get a MonthlyCup. 

Save $18 get two MonthlyCups.

Have a second size. Have a spare.

 savings on All


$44.95 for one

$79 For two

limited time only

natural honey skin care

Support a better world by choosing ethical and
natural beauty products.

Beeautify skin care range is handcrafted to perfection using only

premium local honey and botanical extracts.

Beeautify beehives are located in the Banksia Woodlands in Western Australia, one of the healthiest bee populations in the world, producing amazing honey.

Pure honeys such as Jarrah and Marri are both high in antioxidant and antibacterial properties and
scientifically proven to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

Beeautify is developed by Daniela Boksjo beekeeper and researcher in Yanchep WA


Great for sore boobs!

This is also a wonderful breastfeeding product to help with mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing, slow let down and nipple vasospasm.

Breast-Warmers™ Silk & Wool provides

gentle and safe warmth with two layers
100% Swedish pure  Merino wool, one layer
100% soft silk tricot. 
Completely free from
chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Breast-Warmers™ are  thin, pliable and wonderfully soft!

Simply eliminate the risk of burning breast-tissue and baby by only using safe Breast-Warmers™
Silk & Wool Nursing Inserts. 

First, do no harm.

Join the ecowomen tribe today

By joining the ecowomen tribe,

you too are transforming the way we use disposable products,

creating a more comfortable and cleaner space for yourself, 

and a better planet for everyone.