MonthlyCup Wash - when you want to treat your cup, your body and the environment with kindness.


Save $5 on MonthlyCup Eco Wash when your buy together with any Menstrual Cup.




Perfect for both your menstrual cup and your intimate areas

Only kind ingredients
Most are eco-certified and all are from nature

No fragrance, no sulfates

No harsh chemicals, no parabens


Thanks to its specially designed formula the MonthlyCup Wash is suitable for washing both your menstrual cup and intimate areas, without affecting your PH-level. The perfect gentle cleanser!

The MonthlyCup Wash tube derives from nature made from 100% sugar cane, so not only is this wash kind to your cup and body but also the environment.
Designed, produced and made with love in Sweden.


65ml tube.


MonthlyCup Period Cup Wash

$14.95 Regular Price
$9.95Sale Price
  • Finally we have created the perfect wash for your cup! It is made of pure and vegan ingredients and takes good care of your cup. You can use it on all types of menstrual cups. 

    Is the tube made of plastic? 

    Our tube is made of Green Polyethylene, or green PE as it is also called, and is made from sugar cane. Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gases and is 100% recyclable. 

    And for my body?

    Yes, the MonthlyCup Wash is perfect for the intimate areas as well! Since the PH-level is neutral it won’t affect yours. No fragrance, no harsh chemicals, no parabens, no sulfates. One of the kindest washes you can find!