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Ecowomen offers sustainable sanitary products that are better for your health and for the planet. Our aim is to normalise eco-friendly, economical menstrual protection.  

Ecowomen was formed in March 2020

and is a subsidiary to Simple Solutions International which was established in 2001. 

We are Australian owned and family run, operating out of  Western Australia.


We ship across Australia and worldwide to all people who seek healthier and functional sustainable solutions.

Simple Solutions International offers gentle breastfeeding products and premature baby care. 
Visit us  www.simplesolutionsinternational.com 

Breastfeeding Products & Premature Baby Care

Ecowomen's sustainable sanitary products will save you money,

is better for your health, and better for the planet. 

Menstrual cups allows you to do more, without worrying about leaking.

You can sleep, exercise, swim, dance and go about your day without changing

your menstrual protection every few hours.


MonthlyCup holds more fluid than pads and tampons. They contain no chemicals and does not absorb fluid so your ph balance is not disturbed.


One menstrual cup lasts for 5 years and replaces thousands of disposable pads and tampons.

So there is no waste, and you save massive amounts of money.

Reusable eco pads and eco tampons will also save you money.

They are also better for your health as ImseVimse menstrual products are certified chemical free.

This means no chemicals are released in your body or your skin. 

We have a 10 year warranty on our sustainable sanitary products of eco pads and tampons 

so you can be confident you get a quality menstrual product that will last.


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